Senior Breakfast - Redman's Work & Play

Senior Breakfast

Most of the churches in our community choose a day or time to honor their senior class before they graduate from high school.  This year, that day happened to be Mothers Day, and the juniors, along with their parents, prepared and served breakfast for those 17 graduating seniors and their families.  The meal is simple, pancakes, eggs, sausage, fruit, coffee, milk, juice.  The venue, what was the St. Agnes gym, converted to a space for events such as these, behind the Catholic church.  (Basketball court lines painted on the wood floor still visible today.)  Simple.  A time honored tradition.


As we prepared the meal in the church kitchen, the conversations were plentiful, as was the help.  Most of the conversations were about how our own Moms were, or which child had called or text a Mothers day wish by 8am on a Sunday morning, which had not, and what plans were on the agenda for the day.  But mostly we talked about how quickly time passes.


Time, a mothers friend and foe.  Moms across the globe wish for more of it and for it to pass quickly; sometimes all in the same moment.   On this day, as we celebrated our senior class, and our moms, many wished for time to just be still.  To enjoy a few moments before the chaos.  Celebrating the accomplishments that come with the passing of time.   Savoring the company of friends and neighbors who through the years, have become like family.  Enjoying this moment in time.  My hope for the Moms and those 17 seniors, is to slow down just enough to be present, enjoy one another, and cherish each passing day, and all it holds for you.


Congratulations to the graduating classes of 2016, and to their Moms.