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Sit-N-Fit Store Still Strong

dave bigshoe
Dave bigshoe

Redman’s Shoes has been a sit-n-fit family shoe store in Alliance Nebraska since 1980.  However, our roots go back even farther.  Our owner, David Pearse started in 1977 at the Redman’s Shoes in Kearney Nebraska.  Learning the trade and bringing those skills to Alliance in 1980, as first the manager and then the owner.


So, what is a sit-n-fit family shoe store anyway?  Well, in 1980 it meant that everyone that shopped in our store, came in, took a seat and as a salesperson, we would measure their feet, try to get an idea of what type of footwear they were looking for and bring out styles for them to try on.  Our salesperson had to fit the foot, purpose and style to the customer. We had instore displays, but most of our customers would choose what they liked on the foot rather than on some slat wall display.


Most of this sit-n-fit style of shopping is gone, but not all.  We still have some customers who prefer to shop this way and we are excited to be able to offer it as a choice.  Today most of our instore customers pick from our floor displays the styles that they like and we will bring them their choices. We also help (if they want) with putting them on the foot.  We still use what is known as a fitting stool.  Yes, times have changed in the shoe business – but what hasn’t changed over the years?


nancy sitnfit
Nancy sitnfit

And so, how does this relate to you?  Well, if you think of Redman’s Work and Play as that old sit-n-fit store we are trying to help you match up the right product for your purpose.  It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a work boot or a kid’s western boot, some of the questions you need to ask over and above the style or the “looks”, is will it do the job?  In the descriptions we have tried to give you the plain talk that we would give to our in store customers.  See, we want you to come back too.  The way we see it is, we want to sell shoes that work for our customers.  You are getting the benefit of the feedback from our locals.


There is more to this shoe shopping than just a cool style or a great price.  Just another pair of shoes in your closet isn’t what you are looking for.  We want to sell you, the pair you wear!  To do that let us help you balance -purpose, style and fit.  Consider all three to get the most out of your online purchase.
Enjoy looking around our webstore and if you have any questions, that would help you make your best choice – send us a message and we will get back to you.