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What are we, to you?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the value of actual retail stores to you, the consumer. We know that you are changing, because we’re consumers too, but how do we accommodate you?  What are we, to you?


When Brian and I needed a new gas grill, we went to see Greg, our friend that owns Hardware Hank.  This is definitely not your run of the mill hardware store. Greg and his wife Lisa own a hardware store that has things like fertilizer, plumbing and electrical supplies, and appliances, right along side fishing poles, cake decorating kits, candles, locally sourced honey, and of course grills.  We went to see Greg because we like him and he knows how to cook on the grill we want to buy. Brian likes buying a grill from Greg because they can talk about guy stuff. I like it because when I need a gift for Brian, Greg knows what Brian needs for his grill. A win, win for us and for Greg.


We know that Greg will take care of us with a smile, trusted friendly service, and great products.  So to us, Hardware Hank is where we purchased our grill, but more importantly, it’s where we find our friend Greg.  Personal connection is what we value. Anyone can show us where the grills are, and anyone can take our money. At Hardware Hank, Greg does all that, and makes a connection with the customer too.


We sincerely hope that at Redman’s, you feel like we do, when we shop at Hardware Hank.